1. Mobile first

Google is switching to a mobile first algorithm that will view your mobile site as a full site. This means that if you are currently operating a website that isn’t responsive, Google will take a look at your site from a mobile perspective first and if it doesn’t work properly or look right, penalise your website in the mobile rankings.

It’s also a good idea to move away from any http://m.examplewebsite.com websites. The reason for this is that if you have an “m.” website, Google still needs to go to your main website first before being redirected to the mobile site. This isn’t good practice if you want to rank highly in the mobile rankings.

And you should want to rank highly, especially now that over half of all Google queries are run on mobile devices, clocking in at 60%!

2. Devices

We’ve come so much further than just Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones. Although these are still the main focus, they have diversified exponentially. We used to just have iPads, now we have iPad Pros, iPad Airs, Samsung devices, Lenovo devices, and even Kindle’s – which were once book readers – are now internet enabled devices.

You shouldn’t just have a website for mobile and a website for desktop, you should cover every base in between and that’s what a responsive website from us does.

3. Speed

Old websites run old code and even though you might have had a fast website a few years ago, it could be slowed down by running old code that takes a while for the browser to read and then display. You might also have large images that haven’t been compressed and un-minified HTML, CSS and JS files that could take longer to load than minified versions.

4. Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is defined as a user visiting your website and then navigating away after viewing only one page. If the bounce rate is high for your website, you’re getting a lot of users taking a look at your website and immediately thinking “not sure about that, lets try someone else”.

Older websites tend to run older looking front pages and people are more likely to trust a website if it looks like it has been updated recently and is taken care of.

If your competitor has a more modern website than yourself, then based just off that alone – even if your prices are better and services more professional – users could be choosing a competitor over you.

5. Calls to Action

Your website is there to not only convey who you are as a business and what you can provide, but to generate leads and build your business. An older site might not be making as good a use of calls to action as it could. Older sites can be harder to customise so maybe you haven’t added a new offer in a while.

The websites I can provide are fully customisable for the end user. So you if you have an idea for an offer, you can go into the website yourself and update the text on your home page to reflect whatever offer you want!

The right business website can so give us a call and see how we can help!